Come Celebrate Our First Decade!

by   T. C. Pinckney                                                                                                           Vol. XIX, No. 8, October 2006



The Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia will meet 13-14 November at First Baptist Church, Roanoke, for our annual convention. And this year has special meaning because it marks the tenth anniversary of our vote on 16 September 1996 to change our status from a fellowship to a state convention.

God has greatly blessed the SBCV! We have grown from the 91 churches represented at the September 1996 meeting to 474 churches and church plants. Financially, in our first year as a state convention Cooperative Program gifts were $2.1 million. In our last complete year, 2005, they were $8.1 million, almost four times as much.

Fittingly, on this special occasion we will enjoy the remarks of special people: Paige Patterson, president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Ft. Worth; Morris Chapman, President and CEO of the SBC Executive Committee; and Johnny Hunt, renowned pastor and preacher.

Here is a significant history of the SBCV, reprinted from The Proclaimer, Sep.-Oct. 2006.


         By 1985, a small group of conservative pastors were meeting in three fellowship groups, but there was no statewide conservative organization or networking.


         In February 1988, the Baptist Banner, with T.C Pinckney as editor, was launched with the goal of keeping Virginian Baptists informed about the issues.


         The first annual Virginia Baptist Bible Conference (VBBC) was held

             in Salem on November 13, 1989. Approximately 410 were present.


         The second conference in 1990 was held at Grove Avenue Baptist Church

             in Richmond. The keynote speaker was Dr. Adrian Rogers.


         On January 28th, 1993 over 1,000 people from 217 churches met at

         Old Forest Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg and voted to form a fellowship (not a   convention) to be called the Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia (SBCV).


         In September of 1993 almost 400 gathered at Grove Avenue Baptist Church to officially launch the fellowship of Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia.


         A special study group from the Executive Board of the SBCV met May 25, 1995 to study the options and possibilities of forming a new State Convention.



         Doyle Chauncey was confirmed unanimously as               

             the first full-time Executive Director on the 21st                

             of March, 1996.


         The group that met at Grove Avenue Baptist Church

           on September 16, 1996 voted for the fellowship

           to become a new State Convention and was

       comprised of 469 registered messengers from 91churches.


         On October 1, 1996, the SBC Executive Committee acknowledged SBCV as a new State Convention.


         SBCV starts Church Planting efforts in 1996.


         SBCV constitution ratified in 1997.


         In 2000, Liberty University affiliates with the SBCV providing scholarships for members of SBCV churches, and allowing the convention to have two members on the Liberty Board of Trustees.


         A task force for strategic planning brought a report to the annual meeting at Grove Avenue Baptist recommending the decentralization and missionaries in ministry areas.


         In 2002, the strategy of decentralization adopted. Five ministry areas were chosen with a Missionary and a Church Planting Strategist for each ministry area. Geoff Hammond Associate Director.


         SBCV Disaster Relief volunteers start serving in the field in November 2002.


         In 2003 the North American Mission Board partnered with the SBCV for church planting the Greater D.C. area.


         Moved to six ministry areas in July, 2003


         By 2005, 79 Eagle Awards were given     to sponsoring churches of church plants.


         Moved to seven ministry areas in July 2006.


         SBCV celebrates its 10th Anniversary in 2006-2007.


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